Central Office
Message from the Superintendent
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Focus on School Safety from Superintendent Eric Magee
The East Clinton Board of Education, administration and employees consider the safety and security of our students as priority number one at all times of the year and in all seasons. Recent news brings school security to the forefront of discussions around the country. Tragedies in schools break our hearts as the most innocent among us are targeted.

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2015-16 Report
Based on the 2014-15 School Year
The district received money from:
Total budget - $14,011,323.36
Certified staff - 102
Non-certified staff - 76
Payroll - Salaries - $7,159,682.32
Payroll - Benefits - $2,724,123.28
Value of buildings (all)  - $44,646,000 (appraised)
Owns - 57 acres of land
Utility charges - $226,887.27
1,375 students in four buildings
Transported over 1,100 students via bus/van
Fed over 1,250 students daily in school cafeteria
3% of students attend Laurel Oaks Vocational School
As per ORC 3313.666(B), the district reports there was one (1) incident of bullying during the first semester of the 2016-2017 school year.