Club and Chapter information

The FFA is a national organization that covers the entire United States. The FFA was founded in 1928 by a group of young farmers who sought to prepare future generations of feeding the population through the learning in agriculture. FFA stands for Future Farmers of America.

FFA members will have the opportunity to participate in many different events. There will often be field trips relating to the area in which you are learning about in class. Also you can participate in Career Development Events, or CDEs. CDEs are events pertaining to different jobs related to agriculture. Some examples are of judging contest CDEs where you will be placed upon how well you judge either the livestock, soil, products, etc. in the contest. Another is the Job Interview Contest in which you actually compete and get judged on how well you present yourself, and how well you meet the requirements as if for an actual job. Supervised Agricultural Experiences, or SAEs, are projects you can take while enrolled in an agriculture class and enrolled in the FFA. These projects include, but are not limited to; taking a livestock project for show at the fair, taking a farming or gardening project, taking an engine or recreation project, etc. You must take an SAE to earn the extra .25 credit every year.


You will also participate in other social events where you can meet and talk to other members outside of your chapter such as State Convention and National Convention. You will be representing your chapter through all of this so it is expected that as an FFA Member you maintain a good image of yourself, and your chapter.

For more information on joining the FFA and the classes offered, please follow this link to view the curriculum.